Bleach characters! Kaien and Ichigo are related! What is your reaction?


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So, in the last chapter of Bleach Kukaku sent Ichigo to see the Soul King in a rocket. As you do. And afterwards, she made a cryptic comment to Ganju about how their uncle was going to be “disappointed” about Ichigo going to see the Soul…

This made me laugh so hard that I’m crying xDD


There’s a really strong chance that you’re an asshole or you know someone who is. The most insidious kind of person who fits into this category is the person who will pretend to be emotionally chaotic or unstable for attention. It’s a call out to the people that pretend to be mentally ill for attention and those that use their illness as a prop to gain attention. There’s a distinction to be made between those that are more sensitive and deserve our attention versus those that want to perform for us.

These are the people you go to school with, your family members, the people you work with, and might potentially be your own reflection. They’re the people that want an audience to know how insecure they are 24/7 and they’re not interested in seeking advice or help and are interested in perpetually playing the victim. They’re not doing it because they’re actually insecure. They’re fishing for compliments that they don’t actually use. It’s the idea of the compliment that keeps them going. Elliot Rodgers had counselors, a psychiatrist, life coaches, and social interaction specialists, and support from his loved ones but he wanted to believe that he was a victim. It doesn’t matter what you’re diagnosed with. If you’re the sort of person that uses it as a role to portray to gain sympathy or attention then you’re a problem. You’re a problem because people won’t be able to determine whether they should try to help you or if they should see you as an attention seeker. When people like this slip under the radar people get hurt. They become abusers, master manipulators, and impossible to question because they use human compassion as a bargaining chip. It isn’t about undermining or invalidating someone’s reality. It’s about spreading awareness about the people that want to make human suffering into a theatre that you can cop tickets for on Groupon.

Imagine talking to someone that suffers from trauma that has no context. They inflict their own problems on themselves and decide to be victims because they like alleviating themselves from responsibility. They don’t believe they’re capable of doing anything wrong because they have a complex where they’ll use their struggle as a shield. There are also cases where they’ll consider honesty to be abusive because they’re afraid of personal responsibility. These are the people that never experience bullying or abuse but try to appropriate those experiences because they want to be babied. In some cases they also use it as an excuse. Some of them have decent families and they’re given everything they need but they’re under the impression that they’re suffering and they play that card over and over again. They self diagnose or they start to adopt a mentality that they should be treated differently because of the problems they give themselves. What’s twisted is that they’re getting off to the attention. People may offer to help them or they may find an audience in people that treat them as gently as possible. Despite this they prefer to be victims of their own self-inflictions. They reject help of any kind and prefer to see the world as always being against them. In Elliot Rodgers’ manifesto he made it clear that he also saw the world this way. Oddly enough, a lot of his dialogue reflects the tortured narrative that’s usually seen on Tumblr. It’s this ongoing feeling of helplessness and supposed low self worth that’s created to masturbate to self-victimization. What does Elliot Rodgers have in common with the average person that vents about how awful their life seems?

Both of them make their suffering into an advertisement.

When it comes to mental illness there are two types of people. We asked Kurt for his input on this one. He told us that the mature person with a mental illness doesn’t bring attention to it and doesn’t use it as an excuse whereas the immature person does the opposite. The immature person will use it to garner attention and use the illness as a way to not be held responsible for their actions. That’s why it doesn’t matter whether or not someone has a diagnosis to add context to their actions. It ultimately comes down to how they decide incorporate it into their relationships with people and how they see themselves with it. In a recent New York Times article, “The Antidepressant Generation,” Duke University Psychiatrist, Doris Iarovici, expressed her concern that health care professionals need to be weary of giving young people the impression that anything that bothers them needs a diagnosis. “We walk a thinning line between diagnosing illness and teaching our youth to view any emotional upset as pathological. We need a greater focus on building resilience in emerging adults,” (Source). If you view both of these perspectives side by side you’ll find that the common thread is dramatic effect. There’s a performance aspect to it. As Kurt pointed out, having a mental illness doesn’t mean that you’re a three-ring circus. You’re not a Bravo TV show host. When you use a mental illness as a way to excuse yourself from being a decent person and you’d rather draw people in to validate you, you’re making bullshit into an art.

It becomes very confusing because there will be some compassionate folks out there that want to help these people. Some of them, as an audience, will be natural humanitarians and will seek to aid them. In response to this, the attention seeking person will cling to this person or ignore them completely but will expect them to butter them up over and over again. If they cling to them they expect for that person to never criticize them if they actually fuck up. When they’re critical of them the attention seeker will victimize themselves in order to evade the criticism. The criticism is not malicious in nature but the other person interprets it that way because they don’t want to be held accountable. If a criticism is malicious it seeks to destroy another person whereas if a criticism is meant to assist, it seeks the opposite. A person with validation issues doesn’t recognize this difference. All they’re hearing is, “They hate me, they hate me, they hate me,” and their response is to perform in order to force the person to stop criticizing them. There will usually be a dramatic response that they can turn off very easily. They’ll suddenly appear suicidal, may threaten to harm themselves, or will intentionally put the other person in a very critical position to scare them to submit. In some cases there may not even be a criticism present and they’re only performing to ensure that more coddling will come their way. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that there’s a lot of emotional manipulation going on.

How do you deal with a person like this? The best way is to avoid giving them any attention because they thrive off of it. Whether it’s positive attention or negative attention (going to be an article on that soon), they leech off of it just the same. When you stop showing them attention you gain a sense of objectivity because you start to see how deprived and ‘put on’ their performances seem. They’re not emotional triggers, they’re not synapses that aren’t connecting, and they’re not chemical imbalances. They’re shows, and really cheap shows at that, that you come to watch when you’re bored and they provide the entertainment. When you avoid them, keep in mind, that their drama will increase considerably and you’ll believe that you need to help them more than usual. Don’t fall for it because that’s where they get you. You can take two roads here; either you can stop talking to them or be cordial with them but don’t involve yourself emotionally with them or you can gut them with honesty and stop talking to them completely because the relationship is too damaging. Even if someone is mentally ill it isn’t an excuse for them to be manipulative or cruel because they like the attention. At that point you’re looking at a characteristic of a person that’s entirely separate from it because facing a mental illness is not equal to mean spiritedness as a person. Having an entire section of the DSM to yourself does not make you a bully.

Remember that faux-emotional chaos is a trait of an abuser. If you know someone that shows these traits the best method of dealing with it is to find a way to extract yourself from it. If you feel as if these traits apply to you, well…

How does it feel to be Elliot Rodgers?

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Wurld: in a wurld wif demons and evrthing is bad
Wiwiff: hi Moongoose do you wanna have the secks
Moongoose: not now im busy bein a demon
Wiwiff: aw come on
Moongoose: the son of sparder is out thar
Wiwiff: son of sparder? oh fiddlestix
Moongoose: im gon get the sun of sparder, fukkin Danty
Danty: I am having so much secks
Secks womens: he certainly iz
Danty: secks
Danty: why is it mornin
Danty: wher is teh secks
Danty: im naked
Catso: hi my name is Catso i am ur luv interest
Danty: this is a penis i am still naked
Catso: help me demons is here
Danty: still having a penis
Lumbo Wurld: hahaha u teleport 2 lumbo wurld
Danty: you blue up my house, fuk u lumbo wurld
Deemins: hahaha
Danty: betr get my sord, rabullion
Danty: oh hey guns
Danty: evony ibery i mis u gurls
Danty: is joke because womens is firearms
Catso: i help u kill deemins
Danty: go get salmonella Catso, i do shit on my owns
Catso: no
Danty: ok
Vergle: hi Danty i am your brothr
Danty: no ur not
Vergle: here is our house from childhud, i am ur brothr
Danty: ok
Sparder: i am ur fathr wake up ur troo powr hear ar new wepons
Danty: ok
Vergle: u see Danty, we ar teh nippleblimps becus our mom was angle and our dad was duffel
Danty: wut lol ok
Moongoose: lookit dem Danty and Vergle and Catso jurks gettin up in our grill, kill thems
Catso: look out Danty
Danty: ok
Vergle: Step wun to stop Moongoose is 2 get rid of the vatalidy soda drank
Catso: i get nightmurss sometimes
Danty: im in limbo lets kil shit
Catso: be currful, there is a suckyourbutts makin the vatalidy soda drank
Danty: ok
Pozon teh Suckyourbutts: FUCK U FUCK U FUCK U FUCK U FUCK U
Danty: wut
Pozon teh Suckyourbutts: U KILT ME NOOOO i am ded
Danty: ok
Vergle: neckst is Raptasaurus Newbs Internet, where all teh noose comes from to wash teh branes
Danty: brains are cleen then
Vergle: you must kill Buh Barbies
Danty: lol ok whatevs
Hed guy: parta my hed is gone
Danty: oh rly
Hed guy: you got it back, fanks
Danty: ok
Hed guy: Wiwiff is pregnant wif Moongoose's babby, kill em
Danty: fine ok shut up
Danty: u ar bad at da news and u lie
Buh Barbies: I KNO, I AM EVILL
Danty: ok
Buh Barbies: U CANOT KIL ME
Danty: wrong
Moongoose: hay danty, we have teh Catso
Catso: halp
Danty: uh ok
Vergle: trade hur for Wiwiff, go to her klub
Danty: stop tellin me 2 do thins
Bownser: do u has a reservashin
Danty: no
Bownser: ok
Wiwiff: welcom 2 amurican idle except not
Danty: u gonna kill me using ur babby?
Wiwiff: ya
Danty: no u a hosstidge
Wiwiff: ok
Moongoose: oh pisspeople
Danty: cool we tradin
Wiwiff: i goin home nao
Vergle: no
Gun: boom
Wiwiff: oh shit, i am ded
Danty: wut
Catso: run, Moongoose is mad
Danty: cool we get 2 kil Moongoose
Catso: go to his offise
Danty: ok
Danty: wow he mistreets teh workers ok
Catso: this elevator is turrible
Danty: yes turrble, ha ha, joak becos not turrble
Vergle: now make Moongoose mad
Moongoose: u canot make me mad
Danty: u mad bro
Vergle: u are now able to be killd
Moongoose: U CANOT KIL ME
Danty: uh ya i can
Moongoose: oh ok, i am ded
Danty: good we stop teh deemin kang Moongoose.
Vergle: now i get to be teh deemin kang.
Danty: wut
Vergle: it wuz my plan
Danty: no stfu
Vergle: oh no i am almost ded
Catso: dont kill hims
Danty: why not
Catso: lol idk
Vergle: i escape and kil u sumday
Danty: ok
Wurld: now peese is here teh end
Me: fuk dis shit

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making a pose for a friend uwu

@_@ -nose bleed- This is.. perfect. <3


making a pose for a friend uwu

@_@ -nose bleed- This is.. perfect. <3

Gdi, I can&#8217;t take DmC seriously anymore xDDD 

Gdi, I can’t take DmC seriously anymore xDDD 

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@_@ How to feel about this&#8230;.-plays Lilith&#8217;s Club- Noisia- X) huurhuur yesh

@_@ How to feel about this….

-plays Lilith’s Club- Noisia- 

X) huurhuur yesh

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